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HDR-AS30 / AS30V

Digital HD Video Camera Recorder

Operating Guide
The information on the sticker (in the perforated box, below) is required when
connecting the camera to a smartphone. If there is no sticker, refer to the supplied
English version of the instruction manual.
If the sticker is lost, you can recall your user ID and password by the following
Insert a charged battery pack into the camera.
Connect the camera to a computer with the micro USB cable (supplied).
Press the NEXT or PREV button to power on.
Display [Computer] [PMHOME] [INFO] [WIFI_INF.TXT] on your
computer, then confirm your ID and password.

Checking the bundled items

Camera (1)
Camera is set in the Waterproof Case. Open the cover of the case as illustrated below.
Micro USB cable (1)
Rechargeable battery pack (NP-BX1) (1)
Waterproof Case (1)
Attachment Buckle (1)
Flat Adhesive Mount (1)
Curved Adhesive Mount (1)
Included in the internal memory of this camera.
Set of printed documentation

Parts and controls

REC/access lamp
REC (Movie/Photo) button/
ENTER (Menu execute) button
REC HOLD switch
(N mark)
NFC: Near Field Communication
Display panel
PREV button
NEXT button
GPS sensor (HDR-AS30V only)
Connector cover
(Mic) jack
Expansion connector
CHG (Charge) lamp
Multi/Micro USB Terminal
Supports Micro USB compatible
Battery pack/memory card cover
Memory card insertion slot
Battery ejection lever
Battery insertion slot
Getting Started

Charging the battery pack

Open the cover.
Insert the battery pack.
Slide the battery ejection lever.
To close the cover, perform the operations in step 1 in opposite order.
Confirm that the camera is turned off.
To turn off the camera, press the NEXT button several times to display
[PwOFF], then press the ENTER button.
Connect the Multi/Micro USB Terminal of the camera to a
computer with the micro USB cable (supplied).
CHG (Charge) lamp
Micro USB cable

Inserting a memory card

“Memory Stick Micro
(Mark2) media
microSD card/
microSDHC card/
microSDXC card
Printed side Terminal side
Insert the memory card properly, confirming each side is facing the correct direction.
On the format of the memory card
For details, refer to the Handbook (PDF).
Operation with all memory cards is not assured.
Confirm the direction of the memory card. If you forcibly insert the memory card in the
wrong direction, the memory card, memory card slot, or image data may be damaged.
Format the memory card before use.
To eject the memory card, lightly push the memory card once.
Button operations
NEXT: Goes to the next menu
PREV: Goes to the previous menu
ENTER: Executes the menu
Menu items
List of modes Items you can set in SETUP (Setup Mode)
Display Modes Display Items
MOVIE Movie Mode VIDEO Recording mode
PHOTO Photo Mode STEDY SteadyShot
INTVL Interval Photo Recording
ANGLE Field Angle
SETUP Setup Mode SCENE Scene
PLAY Play Mode LAPSE Interval Photo Recording
PwOFF Power off Wi-Fi Smart Remote Control
PLANE Airplane Mode
A.OFF Auto Power Off
DATE Date & Time Setting
USBPw USB Power Supply
V.SYS Switching NTSC/PAL
RESET Resetting the Settings
FORMT Format
Pressing the NEXT or PREV button repeatedly cycles through the respective mode/setup items.
To return to the [SETUP] menu from each setup item, select [BACK], then press the ENTER button.
The following operations are available when the power of the camera is turned off.
- Press the PREV or NEXT button to turn on the camera.
- Press the ENTER button to start recording in the shooting mode you set before turning
off the power of the camera.
The display language cannot be changed.
Attach accessories to the camera, as required.
Press the NEXT or PREV button to power on.
Select a shooting mode from [MOVIE], [PHOTO] and [INTVL].
Press the REC button to start recording.
To stop movie recording/interval photo recording
Press the REC button again.
Playback of images recorded with other cameras, is not assured on this camera.
During periods of extended shooting, camera temperature may rise to a point where
shooting stops automatically.
On what to do if this happens, see “Notes on long-time recording.
Using the Wi-Fi function

Installing “PlayMemories Mobile” on your


Android 2.3 or later (Android 4.0 or later is required to use One-touch functions (NFC))
Search for “PlayMemories Mobile” on Google Play, then install it.
iOS 4.3 or later (One-touch functions (NFC) are not available)
Search for “PlayMemories Mobile” on App Store, then install it.
Update “PlayMemories Mobile” to the latest version if you have already installed it on your
Operation of this application with all smartphones and tablets is not assured.
Compliant OS version is information as at September 1, 2013.
The operation methods and display screens for the application are subject to change
without notice by future upgrades.
For more information about “PlayMemories Mobile,” refer to the following website.
EnglishOwner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located inside the connector cover. Record the
serial number in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you
call your Sony dealer regarding this product.
Model No. HDR-AS
Serial No.

Read this first

This manual covers basic operations. For more detailed operations, refer to the
Handbook (PDF) built into this camera, by doing the following.
nsert a charged battery pack into the camera.
onnect the camera to a computer with the micro USB cable (supplied).
ress the NEXT or PREV button to power on.
splay [Computer] [PMHOME] [HANDBOOK] on your computer,
then install the Handbook (PDF).


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